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What sets Legend Vinyl Fencing apart from our competitors is the quality of the materials we use to produce our products. In order to maintain these standards, we blend our substrate—the bulk of material that serves as the "strength" of our fence—using our own proprietary method. This is done at our plants, by our staff. Because of this, we know exactly what goes into our product and we can ensure that every piece we produce is consistent and of the highest quality.

Our capstock—the outer vinyl covering that provides the finished color by overlaying the substrate base material—is made from the highest quality virgin vinyl and provides color and UV protection.

We also use TI02 in our capstock. TI02 is an additive that is also used in toothpaste, teeth whitening kits, chalk on a football field and in sunscreen. This is an essential element to all colors of Legend Vinyl Fencing, but for our white fencing in particular, it provides extra vibrancy.

In contrast, most vinyl fence companies buy their substrate and/or capstock "off the shelf" from third-party vendors. This means they can't truly know what other additives (or exact blend of additives) go into the materials they use to make their fence. And since every batch of substrate and/or capstock purchased could be different, it can lead to decreased quality and consistency of their product.

UV Protection: Sunscreen for Your Fence

All Legend Vinyl Fencing has UV protection built in to control fade resistance. This means your white and colored fence will not fade or chalk up. We are so certain of this, that we built it into our Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty—one of the industry's best!

Legend Vinyl Fencing infuses color retention additives directly into its capstock—the protection is built into the fence, not just an outer coating that can easily wear off.

And when it comes to our Tan, Khaki and Wood Grain colors, Legend Vinyl Fencing goes a step further with its UV Protection by infusing color retention additives directly into the colored vinyl capstock—the protection is built right into our fence, it's not just an outer coating that can easily wear off. These additives will keep a consistent finish on your product for years to come.

Our competitors use standard PVC color with no added protection which means their fences fade significantly faster than products that includes color retention additives—like those in our Legend Vinyl Fencing line. Depending upon the climate, this means fading and chalking can occur in just two years with other brands!

Product Testing: Covering Industry Standards and Going Beyond

All Legend Vinyl Fencing products undergo testing that follows guidelines set forth by ASTM International.

We operate a state-of-the-art testing facility on-site at our manufacturing plant in Tennessee. All testing is done by certified personnel on a regular basis in accordance with VMA (Vinyl Manufacturers Association) standards.

Our commitment to quality means we don't just follow industry standards—we raise the bar even higher by performing additional testing.

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We Are In It for the Long Haul

For nearly 60 years, Master Halco has been the leading wholesale distributor of fencing products across the United States and Canada. This means we aren't going anywhere.

We stand by our products with one of the industry's best warranties, and we strive to continually improve the quality of our products by embracing new technology and new ways of manufacturing. We are here for you now and will be there for you in the years ahead. That's something you can count on.

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