Product Testing: Covering Industry Standards and Going Beyond

All Legend Vinyl Fencing products undergo testing that follows guidelines set forth by ASTM International.

We operate a state-of-the-art testing facility on-site at our manufacturing plant in Tennessee. All testing is done by certified personnel on a regular basis in accordance with VMA (Vinyl Manufacturers Association) standards.


  • How much force it takes to detach fence components from each other
  • How much "pull" a fence has in regards to wind resistance
  • How our products perform in extreme temperature conditions (freeze/thaw and humidity)
  • How our products react to different types of weather (sunlight, dew, rain, etc.)
  • How our products handle corrosion from salt spray
  • How much elasticity our products have

In addition to internal lab tests, we have set up outdoor "test fields" that contain full panels of our Legend Vinyl Fencing and Boerboel Hardware at sites throughout the country. This enables us to monitor and test products in real climate situations. From the extreme heat and sun exposure in Miami to freezing temperatures and snow in Maine—we have set up our "test fields" that encompass a full-range of actual weather exposures.

Our commitment to quality means we don't just follow industry standards—we raise the bar even higher by performing additional testing.

Cycle Testing and Wind Testing is also performed on all Legend Vinyl Fencing products. Because of this testing, we can safely say that all gates in the Legend Vinyl Fencing line are tested up to 25,000 openings (which averages opening your gate 5½ times a day for 15 years). This extensive testing ensures your gate will never sag and will perform up to the highest quality standards.

You can learn more about our innovative gate design HERE.

Our dedication to Wind Testing and subsequent product adjustments, have allowed Legend Vinyl Fencing to offer one of the best warranties against wind in the industry—with coverage up to 60 MPH wind gusts without additional reinforcements and up to 115 MPH wind gusts with additional reinforcements.

In comparison, most of our competitors only warranty their fence for winds between 40 to 50 MPH—and many won't even talk about their products ability to handle strong winds.

Our rigorous Cycle Testing—where the strength and lifespan of our gates and hardware is tested—well exceeds any other manufacturer in the industry.

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