Our innovative Legend vinyl gate design features both strength and style.

Matching walk and drive gates are available to complement each fence panel style and color.

Legend vinyl gates clean pocket design creates a gate that:

  • Will not sag! It's as strong as a metal frame gate without the additional weight.
  • Stays square without the need for additional bracing—no unsightly crossbars.
  • Includes premium quality hardware—self-closing hinges with polymer covers, gate stop and latch plate.

We guarantee our gate and hardware will last and back that up with a transferable limited lifetime warranty!

Legend rail profile

Why Legend Vinyl Gates Are the #1 Choice for Contractors

  • Easy-to-assemble and install
  • Pre-installed rail pockets enabling faster installation and instant squaring
  • Welded corners replaced with clean corner pocket make the gate design attractive AND durable
  • Rails are double reinforced in pocket with vinyl fence cement and 6" self-tapping screws
  • Gate widths easily modified (kit configuration only)
  • Privacy gates are rackable up to 3½"

For more information on Legend Vinyl Gate Kits, contact your local Master Halco distribution center at 888-643-3623.

Instructional Videos
Innovative vinyl gate design
Legend vinyl gate
Legend vinyl gate

Proper Assembly + Installation = Maximum Strength

Legend Vinyl Gates will not sag.

By using these tips and following the provided instructions, Legend Gates will match or outperform any gate on the market.

Vinyl Fence Screws

Use vinyl cement in rail pocket for chemical bonding of materials.

Applying glue

Use supplied screws to complete assembly and achieve maximum strength.

Vinyl fence screws

During installation, attach supplied hinges to upright in line with horizontal rails and into the rail pocket materials. This will guarantee against gate sagging.

Boerboel Gate Latches


No fence is complete without the proper hardware to make sure gates stay closed and your property remains secure. Boerboel hinges come standard with your Legend Vinyl Fencing products. In addition, Boerboel offers a variety of latches for increased gate security.*

A locking pool latch for added security around pools is available in both standard and compact sizes.

A 1- or 2-sided key access locking latch features easy push button access and our heavy duty gate latch can be locked on both sides with a padlock.

* Latches need to be purchased separately.

Boerboel Gate Latches

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